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A therapeutic coach is a mental wellness partner; a guide who walks along your chosen path with you. Whether you'd prefer to keep it very practical or need to unpack something more deeply, it's about your comfort and your goals in the sessions. Your coach collaborates with you to meet your aims on your terms. Sessions occur in a space of safety & acceptance with stringent respect for privacy and confidentiality. Coaching takes place via consultations, tasks & exercises to apply at home, along with text/online support, when required. This pragmatic approach tends to be quick and impactive. It gives you edge & vision where it's applied and it gives you skills that you can use long after your time with "Through. Out"

We all feel overwhelmed, anxious, limited, tragically misunderstood or even that we are just running blind, sometimes. A trained, outside perspective guides your insight and structures your way forward. A good coach shows you where to look and where to start; by supplying you with the right questions & the right tools. A good coach liberates you from the sneaky ideas and pressures that others have put on you, when these inceptions are mismatched or harmful for you. A good coach puts you back in control and taps you into a greater richness of your strengths and freedoms when you're feeling lost or defeated or just want a little 'extra' 

“Through. Out” Therapeutic Coaching is inspired by the powerful concept of being true to oneself. Knowing yourself gives you choice and control over your own life. It's a potent foundation to start with. Honouring yourself in these choices and actions; finding resonance between how you are and who you are, is where this beautiful idea lands on Truth. Living by our own values, with meaningful integrity, gives us the self respect and the passion that we need to live vibrantly and soulfully. Being true to oneself is the inspiration to strive consciously and fearlessly



About Gillian

I am trained in a number of therapeutic techniques and in the GROW life coaching model. I have a psychology degree from Wits (2009) and a certificate in skills-based coaching (2020)

I am passionate about uplifting women and, having had my own dark struggles with grief, depression & self esteem, I've developed a strong focus, and I have built an inspiring track record, working with these particular concerns

Coaching can be a great tool for addressing any personal issues. It is also a wonderful way to enhance general life skills or to boost personal growth in any area of life that's important to you. It's very useful for reestablishing focus and finding new direction 

My job is really to cut through the noise; to give you the extra when you need some support. Coaching is a comfortable, inexpensive alternative if you don't require the more serious attentions of a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It is exciting and empowering. I don't believe in uptalk but I do use strong, efficient methods which can be powerful to experience. I have a varied therapeutic background, which lends depth to my process, but I don't waver from cognitive behavioural methodologies in practice 

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Healthy Boundaries

It’s important to note that boundaries are really about honouring each other. They protect our relationships and interactions from becoming unsafe. Boundaries are points of connection, not separation. They deepen intimacy, professional navigation, respect, trust and positive regard. Healthy boundaries are the result of a healthy self esteem...

You Don't Know What You Know

As your understanding and experience of consciously engaging and monitoring your cognition deepens, so will your skill. The tricks and illusions that your mind plays with you tend to be quite advantageous. Balancing the purpose behind them and maintaining some integrity of reason is really about being conscious. A lot of theory and methodology aimed at countering our faulty thought processes has been developed as well. You’ll find some of these further down...

August is Women's Month (2)_POWA
August is Women's Month (2)_POWA

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August is Women's Month (2)_Moment

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August is Women's Month (2)_POWA
August is Women's Month (2)_POWA

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Through. Out- Therapeutic Coaching

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Call or WhatsApp: +27 60 647 8583

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