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Coaching is a comfortable, growth-oriented support. It's about you and what you want for yourself. It can be exciting and empowering; enlightening. It can also be serious and hearfelt and healing. It's your resource and support system when you need that 'extra'. It's about you- it's supposed to provide value for you


Through. Out is about living vibrantly & soulfully- fearlessly! This means finding an aligned, sincere place within yourself- and enjoying the freedom that comes with that. My name is Gillian. Nurturing & uplifting others is where I am at my best. I am trained therapeutically and in life coaching. I graduated from Wits in 2009.  Through. Out is a space of safety & acceptance. My job is not to judge or evaluate you. My job is to cut through the noise. I'm a guide. You're still the protagonist to your own power. Privacy is always strictly upheld & your comfort levels with sharing are respected

Honouring yourself is about finding resonance between how you are & who you are- Allowing you to live vibrantly & soulfully- Fearlessly! 

About our Services

 -Mental health concerns & dealing with specific issuess are rarely long processes on this level. Coping tools & exercises, with some text support, supplement the sessions, which tend to be about insight, Transformation is born from the clarity & repositioning gained here, and then implemented through the support tools. I would recommend a chemistry session to see if we're a good fit followed by 2 to 4 consultations to work through these issues, usually. Intensive 3 hour sessions for deep work are available when required. Some resources & support remain available to you when you are ready to go out, with what you have gained, on your own; but check ins and follow ups are always welcomed, particularly for depression & substance abuse issues

=Wellness, upskilling & personal growth interests can be pursued via consults at your own discretion & determining. These sessions can be structured in many different ways; but the GROW model (goal-based CBT) typically outlines these development-based processes. Packages are available
Courses & training are another option for these interests. Designed for some level of self reflection as well, but far less personal, and learning takes on a deeper, more objective level, Courses & workshops are available online. Occasionally day workshops are available as well


Healthy Boundaries

It’s important to note that boundaries are really about honouring each other. They protect our relationships and interactions from becoming unsafe. Boundaries are points of connection, not separation. They deepen intimacy, professional navigation, respect, trust and positive regard. Healthy boundaries are the result of a healthy self esteem...

You Don't Know What You Know

As your understanding and experience of consciously engaging and monitoring your cognition deepens, so will your skill. The tricks and illusions that your mind plays with you tend to be quite advantageous. Balancing the purpose behind them and maintaining some integrity of reason is really about being conscious. A lot of theory and methodology aimed at countering our faulty thought processes has been developed as well. You’ll find some of these further down...

Contact Gillian

Through. Out- Therapeutic Coaching

Address: Lonehill & Linden

Call or WhatsApp: +27 60 647 8583


Live Vibrantly & Soulfully- Fearlessly!

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